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How Do I Know If My Workplace Is ‘Hostile?’

A hostile work environment is one in which the inappropriate behavior of your co-workers or superiors targets you and interferes with your ability to effectively do your job. This can apply not only to sexually inappropriate comments and actions, but also to workplace harassment that exhibits discriminatory attitudes toward age, gender or sexual orientation. Some scenarios that would likely be considered to constitute a hostile work environment include:

  • Name-calling
  • Inappropriate texting/sexting
  • Inappropriate or offensive jokes
  • Inappropriate or offensive images displayed at work
  • Boss propositioning a worker
  • Employer looking the other way/expecting a worker to endure harassment by clients

Everybody deserves a safe working environment free of offenses of the above nature. If you feel your work environment is hostile and offensive because of sex-based comments or actions, call the attorneys at WLAPC and know that we keep your details confidential.

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