Trade Secrets Attorneys in San Francisco, California

In San Francisco and Silicon Valley, trade secret protection is critical and trade secret litigation is common. It's not just engineers who are absconding with technologies and sharing them with competitors, as seen in the news. Every organization that gains information, whether it be about clients or talented employees, is at risk of an employee taking that knowledge elsewhere.

Greg Wood is well-versed in trade secret litigation. He knows the ins and outs of it. Greg knows what information constitutes a trade secret and what circumstances cause information to lose trade secret protection. Greg also knows the special statutes in the code and case law that uniquely applies to trade secret litigation.

Greg's first trade secret case, many years ago, involved financial advisors taking customer lists to start a new, competing, firm. In defense of the departed advisors, Greg helped to get the injunction issued by the trial court reversed. The decision was ultimately published by the California Court of Appeal and is now regularly cited by other lawyers.


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