Embezzlement Attorneys in San Francisco, California

There are few attorneys in California with more embezzlement litigation experience than Greg Wood, who has handled many embezzlement cases in San Francisco Bay Area courts. This makes Greg the obvious choice for business owners who find out that an employee has breached their trust.

In Greg's first embezzlement case, Greg represented accountants accused of not catching millions absconded by a Chief Financial Officer. That was many years ago and since that time Greg has represented accountants, business owners and others involved in embezzlement cases with success.

There are a lot of decisions unique to embezzlement cases that attorneys not familiar with the landscape may miss. By example, whether to seek a parallel criminal proceeding is an issue the pros and cons for which need to be weighed at the outset. Embezzlement cases also require a forensic analysis, carried out with the business owner, to determine what exactly has been taken.

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