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Recognizing the signs of embezzlement is important for any business in the San Francisco Bay Area. This includes employees who commit fraud, abuse privileges, or steal from the company. Learn more about how you can recognize the early signs of embezzlement and protect your company.

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Wood Litigation successfully settled a case on behalf of a homeowner who's patio was over the property line and in the path of a major hotel development in Berkeley, California. The developer destroyed the patio and a lawsuit followed. The developer ultimately settled the suit because we showed (1) the developer had exposure for engaging in self-help and (2) the ...

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The overall median loss reported in fraud cases in the United States and Canada in 2020 was $120,000. Employee theft comprised 44% of all cases with a median loss of $60,000. Theft by company owners and executives comprised only 21% of cases but resulted in an enormous median loss of $438,000.

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