Commercial Landlord Tenant Litigation Attorneys in San Francisco, California

Wood Litigation, APC attorneys are well versed in commercial landord tenant matters. They have seen every kind of lease and every kind of problem.

Landlord/tenant disputes include failure to live up to lease covenants, such as failure to maintain property in a reasonable condition and failure to pay rent on time. When lease disputes cannot be resolved at the early stages of a case, WLAPC has the experience and expertise to win commercial unlawful detainer trials. The unlawful detainer process is a mine field for the unwary and a single technical mistake can lead to judgment in favor of the tenant on procedural grounds.




In a recent case, Greg represented owners of a warehouse in the South of Market Area of San Francisco and prosecuted claims that the tenant illegally subleased to a marijuana grow operation. A careful pre-filing ingestion was undertaken and evidence was marshaled showing the commercial real estate broker involved in the lease and management of the property was responsible for the losses. The case resulted in a six-figure settlement that made the client whole.

In another case, Leyla represented a restauranteur against a property owner who defrauded her. Specifically, the property owner represented that a permit was likely to be issued for a restaurant. Leyla pressed for evidence in the case and ultimately proved to a panel of jurors that the property owner lied. The jury awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to Leyla's client, and attorney's fees, and punitive damages. The case was appealed the judgment was affirmed on appeal.