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The attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC help commercial and residential property owners in California who have issues arising out of purchase and sale transactions. We are often called in after a seller has failed to deliver the property, the buyer has failed to complete the sale or the buyer has found, after taking possession, defects in the property that were not disclosed. 

In one example, WLAPC attorneys represented a developer-contractor purchasing a gas station. WLAPC's client was required to entitle the property before close. Though the developer-contractor took years to entitle the property, which the seller claimed was cause to kill the deal, WLAPC attorneys convinced a jury that the developer-contractor performed all of his obligations under the agreement.

If you are involved in the purchase and sale of a property and issues arise, call Greg. He has been advising buyers and sellers for two decades and can likely give you sound advice in your initial consultation on the phone, for which there is no charge.

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Failure to Disclose Defects in Residential Sales

One of the most common purchase and sale dispute arises from a seller's failure to disclose, or alleged failure to disclose, material facts about the property prior to the close of the transaction. California law imposes on sellers of residential real property a duty to disclose what they know about the property prior to closing the sale.

The law is complicated. Greg Wood is an expert in failure to disclose cases. Earlier in his career, Greg was panel counsel for AIG and in that role litigated many failure to disclose cases in San Francisco Bay Area courts. Greg has given talks all over the Bay Area about the requirements and the nuances of bringing and/or defending a failure to disclose claim. Greg was at one time selected to participate with the California Association of Realtors special counsel board. 

Greg has litigated these matters in arbitration and in court with repeated success. In a recent case, Greg represented buyers of a condominium against a seller who failed to disclose a troublesome neighbor. Greg marshaled evidence the seller knew about the neighbor before bringing the claim, which resulted in a six-figure settlement for the client.

If you have discovered that a seller failed to disclose a property or construction defect, contact WLAPC to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.