Neighbor and HOA Litigation Attorneys in San Francisco, California

Neighbor disputes can minimize your enjoyment of your home and real property. When your own attempts to resolve issues with your neighbor have failed, your only recourse may be to bring a legal action or defend against one. However, it is important to realize that real estate and boundary disputes are complex. They should not be addressed without the help of an experienced attorney.

Greg Wood and the attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC have been representing San Francisco Bay Area clients in real estate litigation matters for more than two decades. We are ready to help you address claims and defenses involving:

  • Fence placement
  • Building too close to property lines
  • Overgrown landscaping
  • Damage caused by a neighbor's tree or other property
  • Unauthorized use of a neighbor's property
  • Disputes regarding the location of property lines
  • Nuisance claims
  • Deeded easements
  • Prescriptive easement rights



Proven Success

Wood Litigation, APC attorneys are accustomed to winning. In a Marin case, attorneys at WLAPC had the pleasure of representing an elderly woman against a neighbor-developer who insisted on building a monster of a house that would completely ruin her view. WLAPC attorneys evaluated the case and, after a jury trial, secured an award of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the client, including an award of attorney's fees.

In another case, WLAPC attorneys successfully represented property owners in the Oakland hills and helped them prosecute a case against their neighbor, who had let the vegetation on their shared fence line grow into the bottom frame of the clients' view. WLAPC attorneys expertly prepared the case and the neighbor settled, agreeing to cut her trees and bushes, and pay WLAPC's attorney's fees.

No doubt neighbor disputes can be stressful, but with experienced attorneys on your side, they can also be resolved. Call Greg at 415.247.7900 if you have an ongoing issue you need resolved.