Contractor Litigation Attorneys in San Francisco, California

Construction projects large and small do not always go as planned. This is especially true in economic times where contractors are spread thin.

Wood Litigation, APC handles all aspects of construction disputes from negotiation, arbitration, and mediation to litigation and appeal. Our attorneys have many years of experience handling a wide range of construction-related disputes, including:

  • Payment and collection issues
  • Contract and specification scope disputes
  • Change order, delay, and disruption claims
  • Defective and nonconforming work claims
  • Professional negligence by architects engineer
  • Water intrusion

Finding an attorney experienced in construction claims is key, as there are a lot of nuisances. By example only, construction claims often require expert testimony. The attorneys at WLAPC know who the good experts are and can hire them to help advance your claims and defenses. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Call 415.247.7900.


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WLAPC attorneys have represented property owners against contractors for poor work, late work and abandoned job sites. WLAPC attorneys have, on behalf of property owners, pursued unlicensed contractors for fees paid, which California allows property owners to claw back.

WLAPC attorneys have also pursued architects and engineers where it has been made clear that their work fell below the standard of care, causing the property owner damage.

WLPAC attorneys have defended contractors in contractual and payments disputes with property owners, subcontractors and employee/independent contractors.

There is no charge for an initial consultation. Call 415.247.7900 or email