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One of the most common areas of employment litigation law involves the arena of employment wage and hour defense. Whether you're dealing with issues related to the misclassification of workers as independent contractors, exempt employees, or other class action lawsuits, having an experienced employment wage and hour defense attorney working on your side can be crucial to the outcome of your case. 

At Wood Litigation, APC, our team of attorneys and legal professionals has decades of experience working with local businesses big and small on a variety of issues related to employment litigation, wage and hour disputes, and wrongful termination lawsuits. With extensive litigation experience and a focus on wage and hour disputes, the attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC are well-equipped to handle any legal challenges or lawsuits brought against your company or business. 

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If your company or business is facing legal action over wage or hour disputes, it's crucial that you have an experienced employment law attorney working for you so that you understand exactly what you're up against. As everyone knows, an employer in California has a legal obligation to pay employee wages in a timely and reasonable fashion. That means having regular pay periods and ensuring that all employee wages meet federal minimum wage limits. 

If an employee is terminated or quits, the employer must pay out any unpaid wages up to the last day of employment, and that employer may not deduct any payment that they believe they are owed from a final paycheck. Understanding these and many other wage and hour-related laws can go a long way toward helping you pursue a favorable outcome for your defense case.

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What's the difference between an exempt and non-exempt employee in California?

The state of California classifies all employees into two distinct categories: exempt and non-exempt. While many people often misconstrue this concept to mean "salaried" employees versus "non-salaried" employees, the status of exempt versus non-exempt has nothing to do with whether or not you are a salaried employee. 

California labor laws require most employers to adhere to specific rules that govern things like paying overtime, providing meal breaks, and tracking hours. However, some jobs may be exempt from these requirements. These are the jobs that use the exempt classification, meaning they are not subject to some or all of these wage and hour laws. In most cases, there are three requirements that determine whether a worker is an exempt employee or not. Exempt employees typically meet the following requirements: 

  • Minimum Salary - The employee must be paid a salary that is at least twice the state minimum wage for full-time employment.
  • Independent Judgment - The employee's job duties must involve some level of discretion and independent judgment (e.g. an attorney who implements a certain legal strategy after considering competing courses of action).
  • White-Collar Duties - The employee's primary duties must fall within the scope of administrative, executive, or professional tasks. 

Providing Legal Counsel You Can Trust

Understanding the nature of these employment laws and how they impact your case will be crucial to pursuing the best possible outcome for your situation. Wood Litigation, APC works collaboratively with clients to ensure that they understand the unique circumstances of their case before outlining an aggressive legal strategy aimed at achieving a favorable result. If you or someone you know is facing legal action over a wage or hours dispute or exemption status, reach out to Wood Litigation, APC today to schedule a case evaluation.

Employment Wage Defense Attorneys in San Francisco, California

Wood Litigation, APC has a diverse team of attorneys who are well-versed on the various tenets of employment law and are prepared to defend you and your business in court. From lawsuits related to wage and hour violations to wrongful termination suits, our team of litigators is prepared for any legal challenges your business may be facing. Reach out today to schedule a case consultation.