Ownership and Control Attorneys in San Francisco, California

Business ownership is tricky, and often even good things come to an end. Where there is negarious conduct by one business owner at a co-owner's expense, litigation may be necessary.

The attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC have advised partners, members of LLCs and shareholders in disputes with co-owners about ownership and control issues. Sometimes there is a lot of documentation, and sometimes there is none. The attorneys at WLAPC know what to do and how to advance their client's claims and defenses in either case.

In a recent case, WLAPC litigated on behalf of one partner who claims to have been ousted by this co-partner in a small IT business. WLAPC was successful in freezing the bank accounts of the entity and paving the way for an agreeable separation. 

In another case, Greg successfully litigated against a former partner who, after the dissolution of the partnership, began to defame the client. Greg got an injunction and ultimately a large settlement for the client.

Greg has successfully litigated claims where one owner has absconded with money or property from the company and in cases where owners were secretly competing with the company.

California law imposes regulations on partnerships different than LLCs and other entities. If you are a business owner in a dispute with your partner, LLC members or other shareholders, you need to retain an attorney who knows what the law imposes and how agreements can impact the default rules. The attorneys at WLAPC are well-versed in this area and have the experience to guide you.


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