Tax Preparer Defense Attorneys in San Francisco, California

Tax preparers are unfortunately targets when their clients find themselves facing penalties and interest charges assessed by the IRS and in other cases as well. Greg Wood has been panel counsel at CAMICO and CNA insurance companies for fifteen years. In that time, he has defended CPAs from claims that the CPA has negligently advised them and/or prepared their tax returns, resulting in disputes with co-owners of the business and/or disputes with the IRS. The attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC have also defended many accounts from claims that, in preparing the return and handling the client’s records, the accountant failed to detect embezzlement and/or some other fraudulent scheme.

In a case that went to trial, Greg successfully defended CPAs accused of favoring one partner over another in preparing the partnership and their individual tax returns. The plaintiff alleged that the favorable treatment of the one partner resulted in a reduced capital account for the plaintiff, which hurt him when he separated from the firm. Greg convinced the jury that the damages were a fraction of what plaintiff claimed.

If you are an accounting firm and Wood Litigation, APC is given the opportunity to represent your interests, you can expect to deal with attorneys who know you and your business. You can also expect to be updated on developments and involved in the process. The attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC very much enjoy their role as defenders of accountant’s rights and take every new case with enthusiasm.


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