Auditor Defense Attorneys in San Francisco, California

Audits are not for CPAs short on resources. It is a cumbersome process and the stakes are high. Audit reports are relied upon by investors and business owners. They can be the basis for multi-million dollar decisions and multi-million dollar lawsuits.

This is why, if you are a CPA who performs audits and who is being sued for malpractice, you need attorneys who understand your business. The attorneys at Wood Litigaiton, APC do. We understand the different levels of attestation engagements. We know off the top of our heads to whom you owe duties and to whom you don't. And, we know how best to marshal evidence and present your case to your best advantage.

The attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC have successfully defended many CPAs from claims of negligence and/or fraud in the preparation of an audit, in courts in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California. The subject of the audits has included large corporations, banks, tech companies, real estate funds and a wide assortment of other ventures. Firms represented have included major regional accounting firms as well as small to midsize CPA firms. 

If you are a CPA facing malpractice claims based on audit work that you performed, if you are represented by Greg and the other attorneys at Wood Litigation, APC, you are in good hands.


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