Headshot of senior partner Marissa Major

Marissa knows what it is like to win and is always in pursuit of that moment when the verdict is called out in her client's favor. Marissa was on the litigation team that obtained an outstanding settlement for a young man who suffered a stroke in Santa Rosa. After a thorough investigation and depositions the team discovered that the hospital had modified the medical record to cover up a huge breach in duty. Her dedication and quick thinking helped bring a favorable jury verdict for her client.

Marissa specializes in the modular construction industry. The cost of real estate has created a housing crisis in the Bay Area and beyond. Modular construction is often more environmentally friendly, green, and quicker and cheaper to build. Although prefabrication in commercial construction is nothing new, technological advancements have made prefab manufacturing imperative. All the advancements and changes in the industry create new legal challenges.

Marissa has enjoyed a wide variety of litigation in her career. Marissa started her career at the DA’s office. She was trained in voir dire, arguing motions, and court room etiquette. Following that, she became a divorce attorney and quickly climbed the echelons as an elite attorney. Welcoming change, she began litigating elder abuse and medical malpractice cases and joined a trial team obtaining multi-million dollar settlements.

Nothing seemed like home for until Marissa joined the Wood Litigation, APC team, where she met smart and competitive attorneys that challenged her. At WLAPC, she takes cases from inception to trial. She currently represents a global recycling firm in a commercial dispute with a buyer, a medical group in a complex case against their billing provider, accountants accused of professional negligence and fraud and property owners defrauded in the purchase of their home.