Gavel resting on top of a book

Leyla Pasic is a born litigator with proven success as a trial attorney. An example of Leyla's abilities is her win in the ENA v. North Beach case in which she represented a commercial tenant, a restaurateur, who was defrauded by a scrupulous property owner. Leyla worked the case tirelessly, tore the defendant apart at deposition and persuaded twelve jurors that her client was defrauded, warranting not only a judgment for damages but also attorney's fees and punitive damages. The case was recently affirmed on appeal.

Leyla specializes in defending employers against wage and hour claims, and in particular claims by employees that they were misclassified, either as exempt or as an independent contractor. The Labor Code is complicated, and Leyla knows each section's ins and out. Leyla is also well-versed in class action and PAGA standards, making hiring her the best first step in defending against such claims.

Leyla has litigated a variety of disputes throughout her twelve years as a litigator and trial attorney. A Hastings graduate, Leyla started at a midsize firm defending manufacturers against class action unfair competition and false advertising claims. When she first started working with Greg, she immediately began working on behalf of real estate developers, property owners and employers, handling cases from inception through trial.

Leyla leads the WLAPC team with Greg and shares his passion for giving clients the absolute best service money can buy. She likes the variety WLAPC provides, and equally enjoys the comradery. But most of all, Leyla stays at Wood Litigation, APC because of the team's shared passion for winning.

Leyla is also excited to be a part of WLAPC’s workplace harassment prosecution team and is passionate about helping victims of sexual harassment and enforcing gender rights generally.